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Our desire and commitment to succeed shall ensure that we deliver to you a world class asset for you to be proud of


We understand that it is easy to put too little effort into handover and aftercare by focusing solely on practical completion, with the consequential risk of tainting the delivery of an otherwise successful investment. That’s why we deploy resources from day one to focus on an exceptional standard of quality and transparent handover strategy, underpinned by clear individual accountabilities – giving clear visibility of actions required. This ensures efficient progress during the most challenging part of the programme backed by active, constructive relationships with all stakeholders.


We will organise a comprehensive suite of training covering all the building systems, recorded in simplistic modern format to suit the end user. We liaise closely with our client’s team, to ensure a seamless occupation for any purchaser or tenant, with a single point of contact for clear accountability. This means an efficient orchestration of resources that are required to address potential issues and so avoid disruption to occupiers.

Asset Management

Coordinating our clients needs we understand the value that should be derived from all assets. Consideration of cost, maintenance, risk and opportunity is necessary for a truly analytical and strategic approach to asset management, and that allows the most effective life cycle performance and it’s associated benefits to be harnessed by our client’s. We strive to assist our clients to make the right strategic choices in order to optimise their business’ need.


When assets reach the end of their life cycle the focus to decommission changes the mindset of those involved. Protecting the health and safety of parties affected and preventing damage to any assets that are to be retained is key to successful delivery of this phase. We operate a rigorous and methodical approach to planning these critical stages ensuring that value, if any, to be delivered from this phase is maximised. That is the key objective and like so much of what we do we facilitate this objective without compromising the overall requirement to deliver our brief in the most efficient manner.